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Peaseblossum and Cherry Fareie present....

Cirque du Freak
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about you: this is a zine about creating positive thinking.
we are all sick of living our, lives feeling like shit. this has to stop.
and to do this, we figure we should write about all the bullshit we see going on around us. so if you like us, great. if not, fuck off
accoustic #3, adderall, alice in wonderland, and steampunk, ani defranco, anne frank, anorexia, armoatherepy, art, aurthurian legends, binary, biomechanics, biopunk, bjork, books, books about psychology, braveheart, british spelling, building sets, cartoons, cheese, cherry fareie: abnormal psychology, chilling, clash, codependency, columbia college, comic books, creative non-fiction, criminal psychology, cure, cyberpunk, darlene from roseanne, dead kennedy's, democrats or liberals, demonology, depression, digital photography, disney, distillers, ditching maths class, doritos, dorothy parker, driving, dsm, dying my hair, elizabeth wurtzel, elvis costello, europe, faeries, fairies, fishnets, flavoured coffee, food, franz ferdinand, garden state, gay rights, gel bracelets, german accents, german chocolate cake, german techno musik, going to book stores, goo goo dolls, greek mythology, green, guys who play guitar, ham, hamsters, harry potter, hating bush, holistic medicine, holocaust, hot goth chicks, igby goes down, imaginary friends, independent films, independent rock, industrial rock, j.d. salinger, jthm, killing of pedohpiles..rapists..abusers, kraftwerk, lavender, law and order, lesbianism, lifetime movies, literature, little mermaid, llamas, los lonely boys, macs, mannerpunk, mental disorders, mental health, modest mouse, monty python's flying circus, my boyfriend, my friends, my ipod, neverwinter nights, nightmare before christmas, nostalgia, pacifism, palm/tea leaves reading, pancakes, paranormal, peanut butter, peaseblossum: acting, piano, pilates, plotting world domination, poems that rhyme, poetry, politics, postcyberpunk, punk, pyrotechnics, rabbits, reading, roe v. wade, roseanne, sarcasam, sex pistols, sierra mist free, singing in the shower, skateboarding, smile empty soul, smoking, sparta, splatterpunk, strawberry-rhubarb pie, stuffed animals, sundance film festival movies, sylvia plath, tattoos, the wizard of oz, unicorns, video games, violently expressing my opinion, virginia woolf, walking, witches, women's rights, writing, yoga.