bulletholesoul (bulletholesoul) wrote in lithiumsnack,

A New lithiumsnack Update!

I hope no one has forgotten about the crazy, short, fucked up lithiumsnack
 But I think you all have because nothing has been posted on here recently.

We live in a cold, scary machine-ridden world. Our goal is to find a place, any place, to be our Francesca Lia Block world, full of faeries and magic and love love love. Currently, our very own Cherry Faerie, is searching for her love. But we all know that love is something you cannot look for, it just kind of happens. I have found my love, but not from searching. No, in fact, I had just given up on searching for it when it fell from the sky like an angel and into my arms, turning my soul from smoke and ash into chocolate. Yes, I, Peaseblossum, have a chocolate soul, with a chocolate soulmate.

In this world of fantasy, there will be a garden, and a house, and fireworks, laughter, good food, music, and dancing. There will be everything we need to be perfectly happy.

And while Cherry Faerie searches for her Secret Agent Lover Man, her Raphael, her Valentine Jah Love, Angel Juan, Duck, I will be here to hold her and kiss her forehead, the way best friends are meant to do.

So in the mean time, all I can say is this:
Dance to loud music until you sweat out your tears
Eat lots of chocolate
and watch plenty of sappy or funny movies with your bestest friends!
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Cherry Faerie loves Peaseblossum...very very much.

I think I may have found Angel Juan.
only it's the same Anrel Juan as before.
I will explain further if you call or something similar (like smoke signals..hehe)

i'll try to work on finishing my story (the one about the 4 friends)