defiant red-headed liberal punk-ass bitch (flam217) wrote in lithiumsnack,
defiant red-headed liberal punk-ass bitch

the all powerful "Clarification"

as some of you may remember, quite a while ago, i said i had the urge to explain something, but i was unsure what it was. Well, now i know.

i finally applied to Columbia and for reasons unknown to myself, i am very happy about this.

i think i am happy because, for the longest time, and it is still true, i believe Columbia is suppoed to be my salvation.

Columbia is where it's all supposed to happen for me.
I will write my most brilliant work, i will find the love of my life, i will be surrounded by people who are exactly like me and just fucking get me.

Columbia is like my mecca.

this, however, worries me.

what if columbia isn't what i thought it would be?
what if i'm stuck in the same situation i am now?
what if i don't meet anyone who likes/loves me?

ok...that's all for clarification time.

-the cherryfaerie
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