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Peaseblossum and Cherry Fareie present....
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Saturday, November 26th, 2005
7:41 pm
no one ever seems to post in this..so here goes:

I'm Sick Of:a list of rants.

1. i'm sick of underclassmen pushing me around because i look like a freshmen.

2. i'm sick of mrs.proctor (newspaper teacher sponsor) who told me that i couldn't write my article on lynching because it wasn't happening near us, and thereby, didn't mean anything.

3. i'm sick of racist, homophobic pricks, who think they can yell their bullshit at me and i won't yell back because i'm "so adorable and little".

4. i'm sick of people wallowing in depression (yes, i'm aware i'm a hypocrite)

5. i'm sick of having to suck up to my parents because if i don't they will kick me out (their exact words)

6. i'm sick of writing paper after paper for the sole purpose of filling up time.

7. i'm sick of doing busy work.

8. i'm sick being "the strong one" because no one else can be.

9. i'm sick of doing math homework that i already understand and will not use in my life.

10. i'm sick of having to prove myself to my teachers.

11. i'm sick of being the one who has to fix things.

12. i'm sick of complaing :)
Sunday, October 16th, 2005
5:38 pm

i wrote this poem with trevor in mind.  I hope you like it Trevor :)

there's hunger in me like a force it's driving me to commit the unpardonable sin of satisfaction with food. i will ignore it i will reject it i will starve until they notice until i realize there is no "they" to give a damn. protruding bones an offering to the masses i pledge alligence to my chosen existence accept me as i am. i will try to change for you i will not fight it anymore you've won the battle. but i will win the war.
for more of the cherryfaerie's angsty poetry go here http://flam217.deviantart.com/
Saturday, October 15th, 2005
8:52 pm
the all powerful "Clarification"
as some of you may remember, quite a while ago, i said i had the urge to explain something, but i was unsure what it was. Well, now i know.

i finally applied to Columbia and for reasons unknown to myself, i am very happy about this.

i think i am happy because, for the longest time, and it is still true, i believe Columbia is suppoed to be my salvation.

Columbia is where it's all supposed to happen for me.
I will write my most brilliant work, i will find the love of my life, i will be surrounded by people who are exactly like me and just fucking get me.

Columbia is like my mecca.

this, however, worries me.

what if columbia isn't what i thought it would be?
what if i'm stuck in the same situation i am now?
what if i don't meet anyone who likes/loves me?

ok...that's all for clarification time.

-the cherryfaerie
Sunday, September 25th, 2005
6:26 pm
Saturday, September 24th, 2005
9:03 am
A New lithiumsnack Update!
I hope no one has forgotten about the crazy, short, fucked up lithiumsnack
 But I think you all have because nothing has been posted on here recently.

We live in a cold, scary machine-ridden world. Our goal is to find a place, any place, to be our Francesca Lia Block world, full of faeries and magic and love love love. Currently, our very own Cherry Faerie, is searching for her love. But we all know that love is something you cannot look for, it just kind of happens. I have found my love, but not from searching. No, in fact, I had just given up on searching for it when it fell from the sky like an angel and into my arms, turning my soul from smoke and ash into chocolate. Yes, I, Peaseblossum, have a chocolate soul, with a chocolate soulmate.

In this world of fantasy, there will be a garden, and a house, and fireworks, laughter, good food, music, and dancing. There will be everything we need to be perfectly happy.

And while Cherry Faerie searches for her Secret Agent Lover Man, her Raphael, her Valentine Jah Love, Angel Juan, Duck, I will be here to hold her and kiss her forehead, the way best friends are meant to do.

So in the mean time, all I can say is this:
Dance to loud music until you sweat out your tears
Eat lots of chocolate
and watch plenty of sappy or funny movies with your bestest friends!
Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
12:46 pm
In San Francisco, there is a house hidden from view. A ways down a dirt road that leads into a dark, green forest, you will find a beautiful brownstone home. The wrought iron fence that surrounds the house is covered with ivy and morning glories. The front lawn is perfectly green and the grass feels like fur beneath your feet. Along the house are flowers of every different color and size. The smell is intoxicating. In every direction you move your head, there are different smells. To the north is the smell of lilacs and spearmint. The west smells of oranges and apples, the south of ripe tomatoes and sweet peas. The east smells of lemons and ocean. The winding path that leads from the gate to the heavy brown door is lines with oleanders, foxgloves, and butterfly bushes.

Behind the house, there is an enchanting garden. Inside the garden are fruits and vegetables of every variety. There are raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, strawberries, apples, oranges, peaches, pears, and mangos in the front. Near the back are cucumbers, tomatoes, spring peas, carrots, radishes, avocados, lettuce and squash. Each plant looking supernatural in its perfection.

The house is on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There is a deck atop the roof of the home, which is a prime stop in which to watch the tides move in and out. On the deck are antique, overstuffed chairs and pillows. There are two hammocks, a mini fridge, and a small stage set-up with a keyboard, drums, guitar, and baritone.

There is a small dirt path leading from the house to the beach. The path goes through a thicket of green trees, maroon and ivory daisies, and faerie rings made from colorful toadstools.

The rooms inside the house and decorated by different themes. One room is painted dark red, with mural of the Buddha painted on the walls with gold and smoky silver paints. There is a small alter surrounded by pillows in the east corner of the room and sitting on atop the alter is a magnificent statue of Buddha. The room is lit by Chinese paper lanterns and incense sticks smelling of patchouli and lotus flower.

Another room is painted with a sea blues, dove grays, and emerald greens. There are pictures of mermaids and dryads painted on the wall. The mermaids have long blond hair that curls at the ends. Their fins are painted bright emerald green, with the scales so well done that they appear life like. There is even a thing layer of sand spread on the floor to imitate the beach.

The house is occupied by an assortment of animals. There are cats, dogs, rabbits, a rat, and a guinea pig. The animals have the run of the house and frequently sleep on the human occupants beds. None of the animals fight, but are prone to getting into mischief that often leads the humans cleaning up quite a bit.

The house is also occupied by four best friends. These friends, Katy, Athena, Trevor and Ally, all live together in the dream house.

Athena is an astro physicist and also a world renowned baritone player. She spends much of her time building beautiful instruments and learning to play new and rare instruments. She can play almost every instrument known to man. She composes beautiful music and is often playing her latest accomplishments for Katy, Trevor and Ally. Athena is very smart and has won many awards for her work at NASA, yet with all her money, she still chooses to live with her three best friends.

Katy is in love with Trevor, and he with her. She spends much of her time writing big books of beautiful fairy tales that have faeries, ghosts, witches, vampires and werewolves in them. Her poetry is loved and read world wide. Katy makes wonderful cakes and desserts for the friends at the house. She likes to put on her faerie wings and run around the gardens. Katy and Trevor are beautiful together. They spend hours simply talking and holding each other. Each one vowing to the other that they will never love anyone else.

Trevor is an amazingly talented keyboard player. He owns around 12 or so keyboards, with each sounding slightly different then the other. He makes wonderful programs for computer companies and knows more about computers then anyone. He plays his keyboards in coffee houses each Friday night to standing ovations and requests for more songs. More then once he has been offered contracts to join one record label or another, but he can’t stand the thought of being away from his Katy or the other two friends.

Ally writes political editorials for newspapers all over the world. She writes of homosexuality, rape, molestation, child abuse, war, abortion, and the hypocrisy of the world’s leaders. She has won awards for her articles and public debates with esteemed officials. She makes excellent vegetarian meals and spends whole days swimming in the ocean. She makes the friends laugh with her random jokes or just the weird sounds she is prone to making when she’s bored.

The four friends live their lives in complete solitude, which couldn’t make them happier. Once is a while, they will throw parties for their other friends that are always talked about for months to come. They put on CDs of Goo Goo Dolls, Tears for Fears, Quasi, Audioslave, and the Distillers. They make salsa of mangos, apples and pears. They don’t drink, so they make fruit juices made from the sweetest fruits in their garden. And this seems to give people an intoxicated feeling without the dangers of alcohol. They put out their faerie shaped lamps and dance around the backyard wearing the wings Katy has made for them. They sing songs and jump into the ocean once they have all gotten sweaty from dancing.

Other times, when it is just the friends, they spend most of their time on their rooftop deck. They sit outside with cold glasses of lemonade that have beads of sweat dripping from the glass onto the ground and bowls of berries. When their fingernails are dyed purple from the berries and their stomachs are cooled by the lemonade, they lie on the hammocks or antique couches smoking cigarettes and talking.

They have amazing conversations. They talk of evolution, racism, physics, literature, music, psychology, spirituality, religion, and just life in general. These talks usually take them well into the next morning.

They never go to sleep before 5a.m. They like to stay up to watch the sunrise, then lie on the deck and sleep till 1 or 2 the next day.
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
6:33 pm
i am the walrus...wait, does that mean i'm fat??!!!

cherry faerie  here right now.

so this is the beginning of summer. 

peaseblossum, my lovely co-creator of litiumsnack, and i decided to create this zine type creature. (we'll also be passing this out at our school once it starts again, but if you don't go there, i suppose you wouldn't get a copy...unless you made the long trip to the 7th Circle of Hell...which, trust me, is not worth it)

so we are  now the infamous "seniors"  ::waits for applause and praise:: , which means that we'll have to deal with:colleges, prom(why, why why??!!), saying good-bye to people(yes, yes, yes!!) and most importantly, slacking off.  which is, of course, the primary job of a senior.  altho this job is somehow increased if you're in a sport...please don't ask me why.  i'm still waiting for video games to be deemed as a sport.

as some of you may know, the purpose behind this zine is to write about how we feel the world is fucked-up, how stupid people can really be, and anything that pops into our heads. 

so i leave you with this.....

how many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?

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