defiant red-headed liberal punk-ass bitch (flam217) wrote in lithiumsnack,
defiant red-headed liberal punk-ass bitch

i am the walrus...wait, does that mean i'm fat??!!!

cherry faerie  here right now.

so this is the beginning of summer. 

peaseblossum, my lovely co-creator of litiumsnack, and i decided to create this zine type creature. (we'll also be passing this out at our school once it starts again, but if you don't go there, i suppose you wouldn't get a copy...unless you made the long trip to the 7th Circle of Hell...which, trust me, is not worth it)

so we are  now the infamous "seniors"  ::waits for applause and praise:: , which means that we'll have to deal with:colleges, prom(why, why why??!!), saying good-bye to people(yes, yes, yes!!) and most importantly, slacking off.  which is, of course, the primary job of a senior.  altho this job is somehow increased if you're in a sport...please don't ask me why.  i'm still waiting for video games to be deemed as a sport.

as some of you may know, the purpose behind this zine is to write about how we feel the world is fucked-up, how stupid people can really be, and anything that pops into our heads. 

so i leave you with this.....

how many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?

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Hey, can I be a part of this? I love ranting about random bullshit that pops into my head.
of course you can. you can write whatever you. want...that would be awesome.

and if you need anything, you can talk to me too. my aim is flamm18